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August 2021


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We know Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest person in the world as reported in Forbes’ 35th annual list of billionaires. But how wealthy is God? Can His wealth even be estimated? Of course not. He speaks and worlds appear. And that is just the physical element. What must be His power and glory in the spirit realm? Our minds can’t calculate that. It’s so vast there is no way to come up with a number. Imagine one with such wealth! What in the world will He do with all those riches and power?


Well, for one thing, they can’t satisfy Him. Especially since it is all His—ALONE. That’s why it can’t satisfy Him. It has never satisfied Him. For all His power, He can’t satisfy Himself. He can speak universes into being, He can even create angels, but what fun is that when there is no one to share your power and glory with you?


During the Second World War, I was stationed in India and saw amazing sights, but they brought me little joy. My heart was pained because my wife Margie wasn’t with me. I longed to have her see them and enjoy them with me. She was back in the USA, so I endured until I was returned to the States. After that, the sights of India no longer mattered.




His power and glory meant nothing without someone to share it with Him. So what did He do? He created man in His own image! Fellowship was impossible without people like Himself. He longed for those who could love Him of their own free will. It would take a lot of people, for His big heart would need a lot and could give a lot.


That, of course, demanded freewill creatures with the ability to love Him at His own divine level. Anything less would be mere pets. And pets would not easily satisfy his heart. It had to be EQUALS. That meant they had to be tested to see what they would do with their free wills. It also meant God could only reveal enough of Himself for faith to bring people to Him, but not enough to convince those who didn’t want to believe in Him. In this way, He created the FAITH METHOD of salvation.


Those who would love Him by faith, qualified as eternal companions, whereas those who didn’t want Him as a friend, would be forever separated from Him. For this reason, it is clear why so many people had to be created and tested to determine their place in eternity. It’s an amazing program and obviously one that gives God what He desires. It’s also one that makes Him complete. Since love cannot be commanded, He wants you to love Him with your own free will.


Some Christians are shocked to hear that God has needs. There are masses of Christians who feel the Lord doesn’t need us or anything from us. Then there are those who feel the Lord is so far above us, He has no desire to get involved in our petty feelings and problems.




“Dr. Lovett, it’s hard for me to picture Jesus as anything but a busy executive. I see Him running the worldwide Christian organization, as the full-time head of a giant corporation. How could He possibly have time for me or my problems? Is this something the devil has put in my mind, or it is really hard to get through to the Lord!”


An isolated case? No. You may think her letter is unique, but many sincere Christians view the Lord the same way. Satan has no trouble getting Christians to think of Jesus as a busy administrator. They see Him removed from us by a string of corporate offices and dignitaries. They believe the devil when he says Jesus is as hard to get to know as the President of the United States.


As a result, many never try to get close to Him or know Him intimately. They feel they must be in deep trouble or have something urgent to present before they even try to talk to Him. The general feeling is “He’s TOO BUSY to pay attention to me.”




The Lord is not busy at all. Neither is He off somewhere in a heavenly office building. The truth is HE LIVES INSIDE US. He indwells every single Christian. Far from being hard to get, He is closer to us than our own skin. Emerson put it this way:


“Speak to Him for He hears, and spirit with spirit meet; Closer is He than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.”


Did not the apostle Paul describe our bodies as “TEMPLES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT?” (1 Cor. 6:19). The Lord’s SPIRIT resides in each of us. Or as Robert Boyd Munger puts it, “Our hearts are Christ’s home.” How can this be? In the SPIRIT, the Lord is OMNIPRESENT, able to indwell every single heart that will receive Him. This means every Christian has Jesus all to himself.


Can you lay hold of that? I hope so, for it means none of us has to do anything to get JESUS’ ATTENTION. We already have it—full and undivided—RIGHT NOW. He sees everything that goes on in your mind, monitoring every feeling you experience. Nothing is hidden from Him (Heb. 4:13). Here’s a word on that:


“God sees not as man sees, for man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart” (1 Sam. 16:7).



You can chat with the Lord any time you wish, and it thrills Him when you do. Sadly, though, the only time many believers talk to Him is when they WANT SOMETHING from Him. Even then, if they could somehow work it out for themselves, they wouldn’t bother Him with it.


Can you imagine how that hurts? There He is, inside you—WAITING. He has nothing to do but work with you and help you, but He won’t be taken for granted. This is why James says, “You do not have because you do not ask” (James 4:2). This refusal to take advantage of His indwelling presence makes it pretty lonely for Jesus.


We, on the other hand, are too busy to bother with Him. We don’t think 24 hours is enough to accomplish all we want to do, but it’s more than enough for God. We’re so busy making a living, carving out a career, raising a family, acquiring more possessions, and getting the most out of life that spending time with Jesus is an inconvenience. Then there’s the old proverb—out of sight, out of mind. As a result, the Lord gets the smallest part of our lives, the CRUMBS of our time. That’s why He’s so lonely. If you’ve ever been lonely, you know it HURTS.




God created us to be FAMILY. He loves doing for us and wants us to enjoy Him. At the same time, He wants us to realize He has desires too. Anyone who loves as desperately as He does longs to be loved in return. Anyone with HIS HUNGER for people, CRAVES FELLOWSHIP. I’m satisfied that what God wants from us today is not a furious religious activity done for Him, but time spent with Him.


Remember when Jesus visited the home of Mary and Martha? Martha was busy doing things FOR JESUS, while Mary sat at His feet, spending time WITH HIM (Luke 10:38-43). The Lord chided Martha, saying, “Mary has chosen the better part.” There are lots of Marthas around today, but where are the Marys? Where are those who simply want to BE WITH HIM and minister to His need for company and fellowship?


The Lord wants to be our daily friend and companion. He wants us to practice His presence and involve Him in our routines, whether shopping or on the job, or keeping the home. He’s lonely because He’s excluded from the major part of our lives. You see, He’s the One Who can’t get to us, not the other way around. God is plagued with a superhuman thirst to share Himself with us. He has a deep ache to have us share ourselves with Him. Having poured out His love on us, without measure, He wants us to lavish ourselves on Him in return.




You already know the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. But where is the sanctuary of this temple? A temple must have a sanctuary, a place where God and man meet. It is your IMAGINATION. The imagination is the fabulous bridge between the flesh and spirit. God is SPIRIT (John 4:24). But so is imagination. No one can see thoughts. Here’s the secret: by means of the imagination, we can give reality to the unseen Lord. David discovered it and called it ‘The secret place’ (Psalm 91:1).


When you close your eyes to pray, you are immediately in the sanctuary. Now go a step further and give some kind of form to the Lord. (It doesn’t matter what it looks like.) The Lord has been there all the time, no doubt about that. Only now you can see Him IN THE SPIRIT. You can have fellowship with Him, touch Him, and give Him a big hug! If you’re a true believer, your heart “pants for the Lord” (Psa. 42:1). So obey that tug on your spirit. Go into the SECRET PLACE. Drop in on Him and chat with Him. If you’ll do that from time to time, His loneliness will be transformed into feasts of joy.


You see, just living inside you, doesn’t do it for Jesus. You must go to Him. You must share yourself with Him. There’s got to be that fellowship He craves. So just because Jesus is God, don’t think He has no desires, that He doesn’t feel emptiness and neglect. He does.


When you go into His presence, do it not with the idea of wanting something from Him, but with the thought that He desires you. When you lavish your love and affection on Him, think what it does to His heart to have you come because . . .




C. S. Lovett


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