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When Jesus came into the world, it was NOT as a mighty king, but as the “Lamb of God.” He came to DIE for the sins of MAN. That was not what the Jews wanted. They wanted a king who would lead them in overthrowing the Romans and establishing Israel as a world power. Since Jesus didn’t go along with their dream, there was no way in their minds He could be the Messiah. So they rejected Him. Then it was that Jesus warned them that one day they would accept a COUNTERFEIT MESSIAH who would lead them into great tribulation . . .


“I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in HIS OWN NAME (antichrist), you will receive him” (John 5:43).


To this very day, the hope of becoming a world power lingers in the hearts of the Jewish people. They know they are God’s chosen nation, destined for world leadership. So, when the antichrist surfaces, promising the Jewish people the very thing for which they long, they will seize him and crown him “prince of the people” (Ezek. 46:1-18). To their minds, he will be the answer to centuries of prayer. In that they will assert they were right in rejecting Jesus, claiming this man as the REAL Messiah.




A lot of Bible space is devoted to the antichrist. Isaiah refers to him as the “king of Babylon.” Daniel tells of his rise to power as the “little horn,” calling him the “prince that shall come” (Dan.9:26). The apostle John gives him the name “antichrist,” and in the Revelation, describes him as a superman called the “beast” (13:1,2). But it is the apostle Paul who emphasizes the source of his power. Describing him as “the wicked one” and the “man of sin,” he speaks of him as . . .


“The one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders” (2 Thess. 2:9).


It is because of his miraculous powers that he will be able to pass himself off to the Jews as their Messiah and fool the rest of the world as well. Backed by the full power of Satan, his miracles will be remarkable.




Have you noticed the trend in movies and TV shows, how they are shifting more and more to the supernatural? Without any fanfare, the masses are subtly being conditioned for the miracles of the antichrist. Note how natural it is for big-name personalities to refer to astrological signs. Spiritism has grown by leaps and bounds. People really do want their lives led by an outside force.


Have you observed how fascinated the public is with psychics and mediums who can bend metal with their minds and even make objects fly through space? Even in Christian circles, there is a passion for the supernatural. The appetite for miraculous healing seems insatiable. Enormous crowds flock to healing meetings. Without question, the world is being conditioned to believe anything backed by miracles. The stage is being set for the antichrist.


Because of his great power, the antichrist will be able to COUNTERFEIT the signs of Messiah. This is why the Jewish people will accept him. While the antichrist will perform many signs, there are TWO GREAT SIGNS he must perform:


1. HEALINGS: When John the Baptist was imprisoned, Satan got to him in his loneliness. Even though he was the one who introduced Christ to Israel, he was besieged with doubt. The very man whom Jesus claimed was the greatest of all, sent word to the Master asking, “Are you the Messiah or should we look for someone else?” (Matt. 1-4).


And how did the Lord reply? “Tell John the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear. . .” (Matt. 11:5). He was to recognize the Lord by His healings. Why? Healings were the SIGN OF MESSIAH. The Old Testament predicted that He would “arise with healing in His wings” (Mal. 4:2). Everywhere Jesus went He healed people, sometimes whole cities (Matt. 4:24). Therefore, the antichrist has to be a great healer. Anyone who claims to be the Messiah would be invalid without that sign.


2. RESURRECTIONS: The Bible is definite about the fact that Messiah will raise the dead. Jesus, Himself claimed His voice would empty the graves (John 5:28,29). Any pretender cannot do less than Jesus did. Therefore, we know the antichrist will perform some kind of resurrection. But can anyone other than God actually raise PEOPLE from the dead? Therefore, the antichrist will have to rely on COUNTERFEIT resurrections. How will he do that? By employing familiar spirits.


A familiar spirit is a demon who possesses intimate knowledge about individuals. He is so familiar with the details of a person’s history, that given a SIMILAR BODY, he could duplicate the voice, mannerisms, and memory of that individual. In modern seances, where mediums claim to contact the dead, the deception is accomplished by means of a familiar spirit. For Satan to give the antichrist the appearance of resurrection power, he need only produce a look-alike body and put a familiar spirit in it. I wouldn’t know on what scale he might do this, but it is not difficult for someone with “ALL POWER.” If you didn’t know Satan could do this, you could be taken in by it.




I know it is popular to think we won’t be here when the antichrist rises to power. But if that were so, an awful lot of Bible space has been devoted to things that have nothing to do with us. Personally, I feel it is unwise to ASSUME we won’t be here. Particularly when there is not a biblical statement to this contrary fact, everything I see in the Word indicates that Christians will be here. The very fact that the Bible says so much about the antichrist and warns us so definitely, should put us on guard.


Be that as it may, the antichrist isn’t going to unload his miracles on humanity all of a sudden.  People have to be CONDITIONED in advance. That means even prior to his appearance, we are going to be exposed to large-scale healings and reports of people being raised from the dead. Of course, God can raise the dead, but why would He do it ahead of time?


Only someone trying to counterfeit the signs of the Messiah would perform resurrections BEFORE the day of resurrection (Heb. 9:27). So when you begin to hear of people walking through hospitals and emptying them of the sick, and of people being raised from the dead—WATCH OUT! Don’t accept it as being from God simply because it was done by supernatural power. The power of the antichrist and his forerunner will be WHOLLY supernatural power. That’s what Paul tells us. I’m convinced we’re going to hear of wide-scale healings and resurrection BEFORE the antichrist appears.




Christians must start digging into God’s Word. As these days come upon us, each man is going to be on HIS OWN to distinguish between truth and error. Imagine the confusion as different leaders try to explain the miracles of the forerunners. Some will say, “Hallelujah! This is of the Lord!” Others will say, “Beware! This is of the devil!” How will you know which is right? The apostle John had these very days in mind when he wrote: 


“Believe not every spirit but try the spirits to see if they are of God” (1 John 4:1).


I don’t want you puzzled by the miracles of the antichrist or his forerunners. Then on the day when Israel acclaims this SUPERMAN as Messiah, you won’t be plagued with questions and doubts. I know that sounds impossible right now, but if John the Baptist could be baffled, so can Christians of today (Matthew 11:3). Ground yourself in these truths, and you will be ready for that day.


It is my hope to prepare Christians for Jesus’ appearing. I want you to be ready for when we meet in the sky!



“Even so come quickly, Lord Jesus!”

C. S. Lovett

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SATAN DEFEATED: “I was reading your book, Lovett’s Lights on the SERMON ON THE MOUNT, and meditated on what I had read about little white lies. Well, today I went to the store to buy several items. The clerk gave me back $18 and some change. When I got home, I realized the error and called them. They thanked me for being honest, but they didn’t know that the thrill of this was Satan being defeated, because I didn’t keep the money. I was being tested, so I said, ‘Thank you, Lord, I am trying to be more like You.’ Thank you, Dr. Lovett, for helping me!” (J.H.-NY)


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