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Dr. C.S. Lovett


PERSONAL CHRISTIANITY CHAPEL started as a local church with a literature ministry.  Founded by Dr. C.S. Lovett in 1951, we were incorporated under the Laws of the State of California as a religious corporation dba Personal Christianity. We not only provided a worship center for the residents of the area but existed as a ministry of helps (1 Cor 12:28) toward the "Body of Christ."

Personal Christianity is not affiliated with any denomination, organization, or council of churches. God has given PC the task of producing the spiritual mechanics for personal obedience to the Great Commission and maturity in the Christian life. Unique know-how tools were developed within the church and made available to God's people everywhere. Our outreach was by means of the U.S. Postal system and the Internet which made possible personal contact with individuals and churches across the land and throughout the world. We bear the name PERSONAL CHRISTIANITY because we seek to involve people personally with the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Great Commission.

Personal Christianity began in 1951. The Lord called four men together as a prayer band and shortly thereafter gave them the ENCOUNTER-METHOD of soul-winning. It was put to the test in street-meetings, jails, and missions as well as an intensive bedside ministry at Los Angeles County General Hospital. So effective was this plan, so simple and easy to use, the men believed It could be used to build a church.

Personal Christianity began as a soul-winning church. The four pioneers, C.S. Lovett, Jack Kerr, Warren Belknap, and Payson Gregory, found the skill too precious to remain in one church alone and undertook to put it in print. It came forth as "Soul-Winning Made Easy." The response was instantaneous, the results thrilling. Quickly, the men agreed this was a work of God which should not remain exclusively in the hands of their local church; neither should anyone profit financially from such a wonderful ministry.

Consequently, a series of plans was added to the ENCOUNTER-METHOD by the Lord: the FORM-METHOD of visitation, the LADDER-METHOD of witnessing, the MIRROR-METHOD of maturity as well as the allied skills of follow-up, soul-building, the anti-Satan technique, and the nutcracker technique; etc.

With such a beginning, Personal Christianity was sending these skills into seminaries, Bible schools, churches and lives all over this land and all over the world. Testimonies from across the world certify the Spirit Himself has authorized these helps for His people. Everyone connected with Personal Christianity is deeply grateful for the privilege of holding these tools in trust for the Lord. 

After Dr. Lovett "graduated to glory" in 2012, Personal Christianity moved to an online ministry with a monthly newsletter sent by email to anyone who requests it. Since our down-sizing, we can no longer publish or sell his books directly. Many of his books (typically used) are available through Amazon and sold online through third parties.

It is our desire to make many of Dr. Lovett's books available again. As part of Dr. Lovett's legacy, we have published through Amazon: The Prepared Life (2015), updated and revised both Dealing With The Devil (2018 edition) and Witnessing Made Easy (2019 edition). We also have some books on the New Testament series entitled "Lovett's Lights" now available in the books of John, Acts, Sermon on the Mount, and Romans. These books are revised and available in paperback on Amazon.com.  

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